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    Fuerteventura is 1 of 7 Canary islands and is the closest one to the African coast which is 100km away. From first glance you can see the similarities of the saharan desert here with the rugged and arid landscape, however the cool air of the Atlantic relive the temperatures throughout the year to between 18-30 degrees, this combined with the lack of rainfall makes Fuerteventura a perfect destination for all outdoor sports, when the rest of Europe is into their grey and wet winter.

  • With a population of around 100 thousand it is the least populated of the canary islands (in proportion to its 1700km squared) they also say it is the most baron of the islands, this is true if you have enjoyed mount Teide of Tenerife or the highest peaks of the mountains of Gran canaria, but we have climbed the peaks of Pico de la Zarza(807km) and from past experience I recall the mighty Betancuria (762). So we know terrain is very relevant.

    Fuerteventuras coastline is full of beauty, pure sandy beaches, to pebble ones and pitted between huge rugged cliff faces the coastline measures 330km of this 80km are just beaches… fuerteventura has also been declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in total this accounts for 50,000 hectares occupied by no less than 13 protected spaces..
    The island is dotted with picturesque villages, where the people are still dedicated to farming or fishing. There are 4 urban tourist areas, Corralejo, Caleta de fuste, Puerto del Rosario and Morro Jable, all situated on the east coast , leaving the west coast completely undisturbed and natural. Betancuria the old capital of fuerteventura is must-see for its architectural uniqueness and the diversity of hiking and mountain bike trails.

    And last but by no means least the island of lobos (the island of the wolfs) its just 2 miles off the north coast of the island. A small uninhabited island full of caves and natural pools, it is the ideal place for a relaxing day, accessible by a 15 minute boat ride!!!

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