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    Friend of mine just told me that he can not run the Fudenas race this year. “No vacancies, sold out!” says the race web site. “And now what?” he ask´s.

    (Fudenas is a aprox. 100 miles race runing trough the island of Fuerteventura from north to south. www.fudenas.com )

    He first came to the island four years ago and it doesn´t make him happy that he can´t keep up with the tradition. There are not many options in the Canary Islands if you like chalenges of 100 and more kilometres. But talking, an idea come to mind. “Let´s do it our way!” my mate says and I had to laugh. I know his ways. For him a track wider then six feet is a highway and “this is a mountain bike not fucking tour de france”. And “downhills are good, very good, downhills are the best but to go downhill first you have to go up hill brother, go up hill as you can, with your bike on your shoulder climbing a rock if you have to, but never, ever by car, because we have a dignity!” Well, my friend is like that and deep in my heart I agree with him. Because Mountain Bike is like life, hard, and if is not hard it is no fun at all.

    DSC02505 (1)

    So we will go from north to south, but in a different way, always looking for singletracks, hard uphills and funny downhills. When the tracks give us two options we will take the hardest one. We are not sure yet about the exact way we going to go, but we have in our minds already some of the tracks that represent the best mountain bike riding in Fuerteventura.

    And looking at the map we realized that we are going close to 200 tough kilometres and just one day is not going to be enough. “Cool!” shouted my bro “So we camp on a beach, make a fire, and have some beers!” He´s a genius, I told you.

    imagen2 (2)

    Now there are still some questions we have to sort out. Maybe you can help us with that. When? I would say at the end of the year, sometime after the Fudenas race. Who? Everyone who wants to come, for a moment we are four friends. How? “On a bike you idiot!” Yeah right, on a bike, but are we going to have a support car or shall we carry our stuff (water, food, sleeping bag). The course is going to be well marked and everyone will have a routebook. Including some orientation chalenge, this is an option too. Race or a excursion? Something inbetween I would say. Groups made by natural selection, the very strong ones can fight between them and the others will be just as fast to have a beer at the and of the day and I supose that just guys as mad as we are will want to come too. People who love to pedal hard.

    Now I want to know what do you think about that idea? Which would be the perfect date? Some idea to make it better, funnier, harder? If I say: first weekend of december, maximum 20 people, with the options mentioned before. Would you feel inspired to come? Comentaries and sugestions welcome!

    Jirko Valenta

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