• Fuerteventura, the right place to mountain bike.

    We are passionate mountain bikers, experts of the slopes and trails of the islands of Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. Islands with an unbeatable climate and perfect conditions for the practice of mountain biking throughout the year. Our Islands offer an infinite variety of terrains, from trails that run above the tongues of lava, lost roads of goats by the mountains and crags until wide tracks of land bordering the Atlantic coast for tens of kilometers. Each of our trips becomes a true mountain bike adventure.

    Our island offer a great range of different trail surfaces, since tracks covering lava fields, goat trails lost in the mountains and cliffs, till wide dirt roads that follow the coast line of the Atlantic ocean for tens of kilometres. Every our ride is a real mountain bike adventure. On your holidays you will see the amazing landscape of the most savage of the Canary Islands. You will ride through valleys filled with silent, tough rocky deserts, you´ll get mad on large downhills and steep climbs. Feel pure MTB!

    On the north you can try NIGHT RIDING with us as well. You don´t want to lose this great opportunity! Ride your bike at night without the fear to get lost, we will lead you to keep you on track. Switch off the lights of your bike and pedal just with the full moon light is a unique experience!

    Tindaya (North)

    The Magic Mountain. A trail with no great climbs and low technical grade but beautiful views of the landscapes of north part of Fuerteventura. We start to pedal on some of those many tracks or gravel roads you can found between Lajares and Tindaya. From there it´s pretty closed to the virgin beaches of Jarugo, Tebeto and La Mujer. On our way back we have couple of different options again. Many tracks, all of them fast and easy to ride. 50km

    Ruta Guisguey (North)

    A great day out. This route will lead us through the villages of La Oliva, Vallebron, La Matilla and Tindaya. We will enjoy the fast and tricky downhill to Tefía and ride on the bottom of the Esquinzo Canyon and that’s a rock riding! The track surface is changing every while, gravel road, dirt track, smooth single and just a little bit of tarmac as well. Average riding experience and some fitness required. 65 – 75km

    Practically all north tracks can join at some point the following trails:

    The Volcanos (North)

    Classic ride. Cover between 12 and 18km, connecting Corralejo with Lajares. Depending on our election we will ride over dirt roads, single tracks or some hard rocky trails. There are no big climbs just some short and gentle hills. The less technical option is perfect to do some night riding.

    Coast Road (North)

    Between ocean and desert. Begins in Corralejo as a wide and easy gravel road to take us to El Cotillo on some 25km, then it gets narrow in parts but still easy going for the next 15km. Then try to follow the invisible track till Aguas Verdes is just for the bravest!

    Velosa & Jurao (Centre)

    100% MTB. Our favourite one, it can´t be harder and funnier, technically challenging too. From Ajuy to the north starts a long up and down ride, we have to cross many canyons today, some of them are going to take us to the beach. After the first 20km begins the longest climb of the day to the view point Morro Velosa and from there till the end of this great route you will understand why you like mountain bike so much. 60km
    recommended to finished the day camping in the palm tree oasis on the Jurao Beach

    Pozo Negro & El Malpaís Grande (Centre)

    A easy day out. Start from Las Salinas del Carmen where we can visit The Museum of Salt. From there we ride south to the place called Atalaya with prehistoric remains of the old Majo aborigines. Then we going to cross the Great Black Desert, an impressive lava field and behind it Los Alares, goat farm area where you can try the taste of our delicious chees and visit aloe vera plantation. From there till the end it´s all downhill. 35-60km, smooth dirt road most of the time.

    La Punta y Cofete (South)

    The end of our world. (our monday excursion) From Morro Jable till the Jandía Cape, south extreme of the island where strong see currents crash and the ocean is always a great show, in days of good conditions we can see painted on the horizon the island of Gran Canaria. We can visit museum of whales and dolphins and then take the direction to the marvellous beach Cofete, there we will eat some tapas and drink couple of beers before heading back to Morro Jable with 50km in our legs. This track has no big difficulty.

    Our Bikes

    We have to your full disposition TREK SUPERFLY 6 and MONDRAKER FINALIST bikes, with 29” wheels, light aluminium frame, and first class components. Really strong and light desert bikes perfect for the conditions of our island.

    - Rock Shox Reba fork with remote lock.
    - SRAM X9 group.
    - Ultralight Frame Alpha Platinum.

    Cross Country bikes, with 29 geometry. Authentic machines to make kilometeres throug the hard roads of Fuerteventura.


    travelling on your own, in a group of friends or with you family? Staying 1 week, 2 weeks or a month… chose your type of accommodation.
    - Private apartment
    - Bed and breakfast
    - Hostel – single or double rooms
    - Hostel – shared room
    - Hotel
    We have a wide range of accommodations in the North of Fuerteventura, in the pretty village of Lajares just five minutes from the best beaches in Europe. You can also stay in Corralejo, seaside village with a great atmosphere surf and fun nightlife..

    Alternative Activities

    Rest days, if you are one of those who can not stop, you can take yourself hiking (there are corners that even the bikes can not see), surfing, kitesurfing or windsurfing, try rock climbing classes, or visit the nearby island of Lobos, kayaking is highly recommended and since we love to accompany our customers and friends in this small seafaring journey.

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